Sinus Cones™ testimonials:

'...for the past 15 years, people have been telling me that I snore, so I have tried to find a solution. There are a lot of promises made by different products, and none have worked for me, until I tried your Sinus Cones™.They work! And now that I understand how they work, it is easy to see why they work.

I have to tell you though that what came as a surprise is how comfortable they are, and how much better I sleep. When I wake up in the morning, I feel energized...' M.P


Product Info

Product Info Overview:

• Sinus Cones™ open nasal airflow so that you can breathe easily and quietly at night.

• Flexible safety tab fits comfortably on the outside of the nostril.

• You may wear Sinus Cones™ with or without the handle - simply cut at the edge of the safety tab.

• Ultra-soft USFDA material is hypo-allergenic, latex-free and comfortably contours to the inside of your nose.

• Grooves on the inside of the cones hold your nasal decongestant medicine.

Resilient Sinus Cones™ comfortably hold open the upper nasal passage, the part of the nose that becomes congested and blocked when you sleep.

Drug-free Sinus Relief
Sinus Cones™ are internal nasal dilators that work by simply and comfortably holding nasal passages open. Feel increased airflow immediately - inhale easily and deeply.

Ultra Soft Comfortable Design
Sinus Cones™ innovative design and ultra soft FDA medical material gently contours to nasal passages to comfortably hold sinus airways open for all-night relief.

Breathe Easily - Sleep Deeply
Experience Sinus Cones™ breakthrough sinus relief and sleep quietly, soundly and deeply through the night. Sinus Cones™ are latex-free and hypo-allergenic.

Washable and Reusable
Clean thoroughly with warm water before each use. Sinus Cones™ will not melt in hot tap water, and can be rinsed if desired with isopropyl alcohol. Replace for superior hygiene in three months.

3 Sizes to fit everyone
Sinus Cones™ are easy to apply for quick relief and are available in 3 comfort sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Use a ruler and your thumb to determine your size using the chart below for reference.

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Click the image above to open in a new window. Please use a ruler when determining your size for Sinus Cones™. Some web browsers resize images automatically and the chart might not print at the correct size.

Last up to 3 months
For superior hygiene, and best results, replace in three months.